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Pretty Little Plus–beginnings

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to start out this blog by giving a little background on myself.

The basics: My name is Valerie Dillon. Born & raised here in the good old Sunny San Diego. I am married to love of my life and we have two beautiful puppies together! My day job is less than exciting, but I have passion for makeup and fashion on the side, so life is okay.

I hope you’re ready, cause here comes the cliché’s!

I have been overweight my entire life and I have spent the entirety of my adulthood feeling insecure and struggling with my body image. I have dieted and lost a ton of weight, only to gain it all back and then some. I’ve finally decided that I am not going to spend my whole life feeling bad about myself.

I know so many people who put losing weight as a disclaimer for things they want to do in life. “Once I lose weight I am going to do _____.” I am going to ________ as soon as I lose 50 pounds.” These are both phrases I hear from friends and family. Not only do I hear them, But I heard them years ago, and I continue to hear them all of the time. I also hear the shame these people have when I see them again and nothing has changed.

When i hear this from the people I love, I always think “why is your weight stopping you from living your life?” And then I remember that I allowed my weight to rule my life too. Boy has this got to stop! We all really need to learn to love ourselves and stop living our lives around the number on the scale.

So, with that being said, that is why I have started this blog in addition to my Instagram page, @prettylittleplus . I feel that I have already helped many people with what i have posted, and I can only dream of helping and inspiring many more. Love you guys!

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Xehar Curvy Fashion Party

Happy Sunday Plus ones!

As always, you are always my plus ones, in mind and spirit, wherever I go, and to all events I attend. With that being said, We just got home from an AMAZING weekend in LA! The Xehar curvy Fashion party was off the hook, and by that I mean, it was everything I could have imagined!

My bestie and I made an overnight trip out of it, since the party was in LA, and we are in San Diego. We drove up Friday, went out in Venice beach, and the next day attended the event. We met some awesome AF ladies there, including some of my favorite bloggers!! They included  @mustangsallytwo , @thecaylajean and @jamie_jetaime ! All of these ladies, plus so many more, were so welcoming and just plain FUN to hang out with. I wish I could attend events like these every weekend just to meet awesome people. Cayla and Jamie were just so down to earth and just all around awesome ladies. I felt like We could have hung out with them the whole weekend and never become bored. That’s how awesome and fun they were.

Xehar Curvy showed off their summer collection by providing a bit of a runway show for us towards the beginning of the event. It was super fun watching all of the models show off their line. Let me tell you, I wanted almost EVERYTHING! I also was the winner of a $100 gift card for following @mustangsallytwo. Which is super exciting because I tried on this Pink bomber jacket that seriously made my whole life. You can see by the photo below, that I need it in my life, and now I can purchase it!01.jpg

Overall, Olga and I had a super amazing time! Here are some more pics of all the fun we had. 🙂 I hope to show you guys more of Xehar Curvy because I will definitely be buying some more cute stuff ASAP!!

Also, my dress and shoes were both from Torrid Fashion. The dress is in a size 26. Wedges in a size 6. I HIGHLY recommend both pieces, but especially the shoes. They were so comfortable and so cute! You can purchase yours here:

Thanks for reading Ladies. And don’t forget to follow me on instagram @prettylittleplus

♥PLP Valerie

Good Morning my beautiful Plus ones!

I just got back from a solo road trip from San Diego, Ca to Birmingham, AL!! I drove out to surprise my baby sister for her bridal shower as well as surprise my Mom and brother! They had no idea that I was coming. My sister’s bridesmaids helped pay my way out there, and organized the entire thing. My sister was beyond surprised when she saw me because she thought she was getting a puppy! Haha. 🙂

Here are some photos of the surprise as well as photos with all the girls involved.

      2.jpg 6.jpg


Me and my baby sis, Cierra, at her gorgeous shower. She looked amazing because she is seriously the cutest ever!


This is me and one of my sister’s bridesmaids, Brittany. She was the main organizer of the fabulous surprise that we pulled off! What an amazing friend she is!


All of us bridesmaids with the gorgeous bride to be in the middle!


All of these gorgeous decorations that her other bridesmaids put together. So adorable!



While I was there I was also blessed with being able to meet my two week old niece and visit with my nephew! My niece’s mom wanted some cute photos so my sister and I put together an impromptu photo shoot for her.


All in all, It was a wonderful visit. Spending time with family is so important to me. The drive was super long and intense, especially by myself. I only wish that they lived closer.

Thanks for reading my loves. Stay tuned for more! 🙂


My wedding Day 04/17/16

Hey Plus ones!

I got married almost a year ago and I just wanted to take the time to show you all the beautiful photos that represented one of the most amazing days of my life! As a plus size bride, I was extremely insecure going in. I didn’t like the fact that everyone was going to be staring at me, judging me and watching my every move. I have to say I felt beautiful though!

My dress is from David’s bridal. They had so many amazing choices for dresses for plus size women. Their staff was amazing as well. So kind and help. I highly recommend them if you aren’t sure where to even begin. If you have any questions please comment below!

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